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We believe we are called to help spread the good news of God's saving grace. We support a wide variety of missionaries and ministries both locally and around the world. These people are sharing the love of God by: meeting basic human needs, church planting, establishing schools and orphanages, running prayer centers, evangelizing on college campuses, supporting local Christians in dangerous countries, helping pregnant mothers with support and resources when facing pregnancy, and helping people walk free from sexual sin or abuse.   

Bite 2 Go

Second Harvest Food Bank partners with schools and community partners for Bite2Go to get weekend food supplies to children in need during the school year. The Bite2Go kits include a good mix of healthy, kid-friendly, easy-to-open, single-serving, nonperishable food items to cover meals and three snacks over the weekend. The shelf-stable milk, juice, cereal, entrees and snacks are safe for children to handle on their own because they don’t require any cooking or other preparation. Each week, staff members at participating schools put the packages of food discreetly in the backpacks of students in need.

Off Broadway

We feed the people physically and spiritually in the West Central area of Spokane. For 11 years we have cared for the needs of people by encouraging them to grow healthy families and healthy lives.
We are followers of Jesus Christ who reach out in truth with love on the streets and into the neighborhood in West Central Spokane and beyond. Relationships grow as we stay connected to the community through Lighthouses. God's love seeks to help connect the people to hope as we "Trust God" to bring forth the resources to feed, clothe and encourage the broken.

New Hope Resource Center

The New Hope Resource Center is a faith-based ecumenical social service organization. We are supported by local churches and by generous community contributions.
Our mission is to serve basic human needs in North Spokane County including the communities of Riverside, Elk, Chattaroy, Colbert, and Mead. We do this without prejudice or discrimination, following Christ's example.
In addition, we provide emergency food through the services of North County Food Pantry located in Elk, Washington.

Inchelium Outreach

We will serve food, share a meal, have a service with worship and the word, pray and fellowship with those who join us.  
This outreach occurs once per month at the Inchelium Community Center.  Visit our events page to find the next planned outreach.

Truth Ministries

Truth Ministries works with other agencies to try and direct homeless men to services that will attempt to rehabilitate them. We also work with the homeless to attempt to get them into low income housing on a more permanent basis and coordinate these efforts with other agencies to do so. 
As of 2017 Truth has had over 14 years experience in working directly with the Department of Corrections, Police, Hospitals and other homeless agencies to provide nightly shelter and meals as well as drug/alcohol programs and housing. 
We work in conjunction with and cross-refer homeless men with Union Gospel Mission, House of Charity and Salvation Army. In this coordinated effort, Truth Ministries is hopeful that all of the needs of the homeless men in Spokane are met on any given night.