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We believe we are called to help spread the good news of God's saving grace. We support a wide variety of missionaries and ministries both locally and around the world. These people are sharing the love of God by: meeting basic human needs, church planting, establishing schools and orphanages, running prayer centers, evangelizing on college campuses, supporting local Christians in dangerous countries, and helping pregnant mothers with support and resources when facing pregnancy, and helping people walk free from sexual sin or abuse. 

Across the US

We are full-time missionaries with YWAM Circuit Riders. Our heart as a family is to live out the lifestyle of Jesus and to disciple others into a vibrant relationship with Him. We believe that our generation is longing for Jesus and we want to be a part of the solution to see them meet Him and experience salvation. Currently we are primarily working with University Students from all across America. Each year we run multiple missions training schools as well as a national outreach tour called Carry The Love. We lead a 7 month Discipleship Training School called the CR Experience every Fall in Huntington Beach. For the outreach phase each student joins one of our Carry The Love teams and spends the Spring traveling across America to college campuses hosting evangelistic gatherings and training nights with college students. In the Summer we are also on the leadership team for our 21 Project training school. College students from across the nation come join us for 21 days of worship, teaching, and training that will empower them to take the skills back to their campus and reach their school for Jesus.

Central Asia

Hello, we are the G family living in a former Soviet republic. We have four children under the age of 10. We arrived in July 2017 and have moved to a small city on the Syr Darya. Since October we have worked at setting up our family – finding housing, schools for the kids – and starting full time language learning. The local language is spoken more in this region than Russian so there are less resources for language acquisition. As adults we are only 40 years behind in learning this language! Our kids are picking it up a lot easier.
We believe that God wants to move dramatically in this unreached area. About .1% of the indigenous population believe in Jesus. That means that even if someone was interested in finding out about Jesus they would have an extremely limited chance of hearing something correct or meeting someone who spoke his/ her language who knew Jesus. We desire to share Jesus with these people who have yet to hear.
When called to this field we were given a picture of climbing down a cliff to reach people who have no options to hear. Since arriving, we have been focusing on praying for open doors and change of the spiritual atmosphere of this city. This is our main job at this point. Our long term goal is to move to a more rural area and work with villagers. We believe that there can be a network of indigenously led churches that can multiply within this country. God is doing amazing works in many Muslim majority countries, we are praying that He does the same in this one. We are thankful for people like yourselves who are holding our rope as we follow Jesus down the cliff to reach these precious people.


We have been serving on the foreign field since 2004. Our primary places of service have been The Republic of Turkey, The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, and now, Southern France. Our main areas of ministry include evangelism, discipleship, mentoring, teaching, preaching, prayer, and intercession. During our 5 years in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus we initiated a people movement among a previously unreached Muslim people group. That group continues to grow in maturity with the leaders continuing to preach the Gospel. We were overseers of 3 University churches.  We also developed a Leadership Training School which was attended by 300 student leaders.  We moved to Southern France at the Lord’s direction to lay the foundations of true revival. We are also evangelizing Muslims and plan to establish small groups of Believers led by former Muslims.


We are Will and Eva Hughes are serving in Patagonia and Southern Chile providing pastoral support and access to training materials. For three years we have been building on the relationships inherited from the founding missionaries and developing new connections with rural church leadership out on the small islands and mountain villages. The dedicated men and women we strive to serve generally have had no formal preparation for ministry or biblical study, and many times only a 3rd-5th grade public education, if any. Rural Church leaders are spread out over a thousand miles of rough terrain often 6 hours apart by 4x4 truck or days apart on horseback, which leaves most feeling totally isolated and often abandoned as they give their all to lead a small community to walk in relationship with Jesus.

Jerusalem, Israel

24/7 Prayer Center. The Jerusalem Prayer Tower is a Messiah-centered sanctuary, of Spirit-led worship and prayer called to reveal the light of Yeshua to Israel and the Nations.
In addition to our local Israeli prayer teams, we also welcome and highly value groups from the nations seeking to participate in continual prayer and worship. We seek to pray in unity as one new man until Yeshua returns, all Israel is saved, and Jerusalem is a praise in all the Earth
We purpose to establish and disciple Worship Teams with prayer facilitators that foundationally consist of local believers who partner with our highly valued international friends in a flow of prophetic expressions, all given to excellence, having hearts desiring God's Presence.


Our vision is to touch the lives of single moms, families and children. We want to see them pursue their God called destiny. This vision is being fulfilled by developing children's curriculum, teacher training, Christian education, and specialized ministry to single mothers and families.


In 2007 we started serving the people of Argentina in a small town in the Chaco Province. Since then we have planted 2 churches and are actively involved in helping 13 churches grow. We regularly visit these churches doing leadership and strategic church growth training. In 2017 this network of churches has grown from 1808 to 2234 people and have baptized over 200. We have recently moved to Corrientes to plant a church in the most idolatrous city in the North of Argentina. The Lord is building a team of people to prepare for the church launch later in 2018. 
The vision the Lord has put on our hearts is to establish churches in the 24 provinces of Argentina that reach the cities and towns around those provinces, and to establish or support church planting movements in each continent. We long to reach as many people for Christ in our lifetime as possible.


We are a non-profit organization working in Nicaragua to bring hope and a promising future to orphaned and abandoned children. For the past nineteen years, we have been working with children both in the inner city and in the rural mountainous regions of Nicaragua. Originally founded by Sandra Carter-Britnell in 1998, we have now grown to a large staff of full-time foreign aid workers from around the world, and full-time Nicaraguan staff. Our Childrens’ Home is located in the northern mountains of Jinotega. We love and cherish the children the Lord has brought into our care. 
We have anywhere from 25 to 35 children at any one time for whom we provide full care including: food, clothing, shelter, education, and emotional and spiritual support. We take this calling very seriously and joyfully; we do what we do to bring the light of Jesus Christ to these children. Our Home is on a 16-acre plot of land where the children can be raised in a wholesome environment. The children help with raising chickens, pigs, and cows; as well as growing various crops including corn, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, beets, tomatoes and more.
Our goal with these children is to raise them in a Christian environment where they learn to view life as an adventure, learn how to become responsible leaders, and develop an awareness of their own Godly destiny. While many of our children have been abused and abandoned, our hearts’ desire is to see them realize their true potential in the Lord and to know that they have a Father who will never abandon nor forsake them. We believe beyond our calling to disciple, we are also called to give the children the opportunity to go out and change their community from within. As such, we are currently working directly with our Nicaraguan staff and leadership to empower them in a locally focused effort which we believe will bring lasting change to the children, the workers, and the communities.