Growth Groups

We value community.  Life has its ups and downs and both seasons are better when shared with friends.  We offer various growth groups including, community groups (open to all) men only groups, ladies only groups, Christian Education and topical classes like; Financial Stewardship, Marriage Building, Learning To Walk In The Spirit as well as others.   These groups are a great place where you can plug in, make friends, and do life together.  

Our groups run Jan-March, April-June, Sept-November  You can stay in the same group or mix it up based on what is offered each session.


Growth Groups

Open To All

  • North                Wednesday or Thursday 7:00PM-8:15PM

    Leader: Van Bradeen 509 981-9400

    Focus: Book, "Divine Direction"

    Meeting Place: Church Campus 14011 N Little Spokane Drive

  • roaming Action group                           Tuesdays 6:00PM

    Leaders: Jessica Gerdes, Mike and Pam Bacani

    Focus: This is an Action Group.  This Group meets at 6:00PM for prayer then goes out to various locations for ministry and evangelism.

    Meeting Place: The Service Station 9315 N Nevada Street

  • Mead                                                   Tuesday 7:00PM-8:30PM

    Leaders: Joddie and Ray Roberts  509 847-8884

    Focus: Book, "Restored"

    Meeting Place: 11918 N Whitehouse Street

ladies only

Growth Groups

Sometimes it nice to be with the sisters!  We've got groups for ladies only.

  • Downtown                                                       Friday 10:00AM

    Leaders: Lori Bradeen and Monique McGoldrick

    Focus: 2nd Corinthians

    Meeting Place: Queen of Sheba Restaurant 621 W Mallon

  • Country Homes                                          thursday 6:30AM

    Leader: Lori Bradeen

    Focus: 2nd Corinthians

    Meeting Place: 7721 N Jefferson Drive

  • Whitworth  (young adult only)                    Monday 7:00PM

    Leaders: Michelle Sparks and Natalie Bradeen  

    Michelle 509 720-6767  Natalie  509 953-6099

    Focus: Book, ""Restored"

    Meeting Place: 222 E Elcliff Rd Apt C

  • Church Campus                     Monthly gathering 6:30PM

    Magnify Ladies Monthly Gathering open to high school and above.

    May 18th Topic": "Our thoughts, Mindset."

    Meeting Place: Church Campus 14011 N Little Spokane Drive

    We follow the Propel Curriculum Video series.   You will enjoy discussion, Worship and friends!  Bring a finger food to share.  If childcare is needed sign up with two weeks prior.

men only

Growth Groups

Sometimes it's great to hang with just the brothers!

  • Shadle                                      Wednesdays 7:00PM-8:00pm

    Focus: Book, "Jesus Always Devotional"

    Leader: Mike Zentz

    Meeting Place: Maple Street Bistro 5520 N Maple

  • Downtown                               Fridays  6:00AM-7:00am

    Focus: Men's Business Leaders

    Leader: Chris Murphy 509 999-5191

    Meeting Place: Rocket Bakery 157 S Howard Street

  • North (by the Y)                         thursday 6:00am-7:00am

    Focus: Various Scripture Studies

    Leader: Scott Chaffin 509 220-8558

    Meeting Place: Retro Donuts 10925 N Newport Hwy

  • liberty lake                                   Fridays 11:30am-12:30PM

    Focus: Book, "Divine Direction"

    Leader: Nate McGoldrick 509 710-3760

    Meeting Place: San Francisco Sourdough 23801 E Appleway Ave